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Travaux de restauration en cours: fermeture des baroque crématoire et cellulaire

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Opened in 1941, Struthof is the only structure of its type on French soil. 52,000 prisoners were forced to work in the quarry near the camp. 22,000 people died here, often of hunger and exhaustion. But some also died in an "experimental" gas chamber which makes this camp an essential place of remembrance.

Histoire du musée

The slave labor camp of Natzweiler-Struthof was the only concentration-extermination camp set up by the Nazis on French soil. The majestic site facing the Vosges mountains had been chosen because of the presence of a stone-quarry. The majority of the deportees were men from resistance networks from European countries: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Norway etc. Some, branded N & N (Nacht und Nebel – Night and Fog), were condemned to die without leaving any trace. 108 members from the French Alliance network were assassinated during the night of september 1 to 2, 1944, just before the evacuation of the camp to Dachau and labor camps in the Neckar Valley. Pseudo-scientific medical experiments were carried out for mustard gas, typhus, phosphene gas, and for the studies on heredity of Dr Hirt, professor of anatomy in Strasbourg. Four of the original barracks are still visible, especially the prison with its torture chambers and the crematorium. The gas chamber is outside the camp compound. A small museum has a wealth of photographs about deportation. Visit the Memorial and the National Cemetery of Deportation just outside the barbed wire fence.


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